It was all going so well…

20160123_161527So, I am still playing around with my lathe, as predicted. A week or so ago I began turning various pieces of fruit: an apple and a pear made from cherry, a couple of plums made from walnut, and a banana made from canary. I gave up on the banana half way through as it looks like it would have involved some crazy chuck mounting shenanigans that are still a tad beyond me, but I may get back to it one of these days. The stalks are turned from small pieces of ebony and, for authenticity’s sake, I stuck a clove in their bottoms to make it look like the remnants of a blossom. Continue reading “It was all going so well…”

To everything there is a season…

20151207_153608As predicted by a comment from George on my last post but one, I have been neglecting regular woodworking of late in favour of my new toy. Continue reading “To everything there is a season…”

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