Hello fellows.

I’m a forty year old father of two, and a part-time amateur woodworker. From time to time I will post about a project that I’m working on, or share tips and advice that I pick up that I think might be helpful to others.

I’m relatively new at this, so any comments and advice would be much appreciated.

Enjoy your visit!


p.s. here are some of the things that I have made so far

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  1. I read all the woodworking blogs I can, and now that your blog is in the Unplugged Shop aggregator I will be reading yours. For some reason a blog post seems disembodied to me if I don’t have a rough idea where the blogger is. I see that you are in England, but which part or town?


      1. I saw that you went to an English hospital when you hurt your eye so assumed that you were in England. I see that you are very close to France, but according to Wikipedia it appears that Guernsey is not part United Kingdom but rather a possession of the British Crown. I am in Anacortes in Washington State, US. My last project was a frame saw and I am currently building a turning (bow) saw. I was planning to buy some braided fishing line for the string as recommended by Gramercy, but I saw that you just used hemp cord?


      2. Yeah, I had to fly to the mainland to see a specialist about my noggin. In the end he decided not to operate so my skull is still a bit dented.

        Guernsey is indeed a dependancy of the British Crown. We’ve got our own government and laws and money etc.

        As for the turning saw, I’m sure fishing line will be fine. I just used hemp because I read somewhere that it was the traditional thing to use.

        Good luck with your saw.



    1. Hi Isra, thanks for visiting. Goatboy has been an internet handle of mine for ages. It comes from a Bill Hicks comedy routine (not safe for work – you have been warned) and it works well for me as I have a small beard and I look a bit like a goat. Take care.

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