Sawyer’s Bench #1


I started work on my Sawyer’s Bench this week. Last time I posted about this, all I had done was to rough cut the components from my stock of cherry (1″ by 6″ and 1½” by 2¾”). Well, now I have worked all of the components to their final dimensions  as much as I can at this stage. There will be some final adjustments to make to the aprons and cleats once the subassemblies are complete. Continue reading “Sawyer’s Bench #1”

There’s more than one way to be unplugged #4

In this final post on different ways to be unplugged, I thought I’d share this video of Roy Underhill demonstrating a few amazing man-powered machine tools.

Shooting board

small_logo1-80x80 (1)My next main project will be a Sawyer’s Bench, designed by Tom Fidgen and featured in his book The Unplugged Woodshop. He hasn’t done a tutorial on the bench yet, but here is a video where he goes through the design of the bench.

The Sawyer’s Bench is basically a glorified saw-horse. It has a split top for rip cutting, a removable fence for cross cutting, and the configuration of the legs is slightly unorthodox in that two are set at 100° and the other two at 90º. This helps with rip cutting, as it not only provides a visual guide for a square cut, it also ensures that you won’t hit the legs with the saw. If my description is confusing, the video will clear things up. Continue reading “Shooting board”

I Need a Maker’s Mark


Continue reading “I Need a Maker’s Mark”

There’s more than one way to be unplugged #3

Enjoying the struggle


Although I’ve not been woodworking for all that long, I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far. It has not been plain sailing mind you – I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way – but it would be boring if there was no challenge. Continue reading “Enjoying the struggle”

Norse Woodsmith


I’ve just heard that goatboy’s woodshop has been added to the Norse Woodsmith aggregator as well. Happy days!

Winding Sticks #4 – Done


Three coats of shellac, sanded with 320-grit in between, followed by a coat of beeswax, and the winding sticks are done. Continue reading “Winding Sticks #4 – Done”

There’s more than one way to be unplugged #2

Continue reading “There’s more than one way to be unplugged #2”

New tools

20150412_124910It was my birthday recently, and I thought I might show you the tools I got given.  Continue reading “New tools”

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