Winding Sticks #4 – Done


Three coats of shellac, sanded with 320-grit in between, followed by a coat of beeswax, and the winding sticks are done. Continue reading “Winding Sticks #4 – Done”

Winding Sticks #3 – Inlay


With the two winding sticks planed to their final dimensions, it’s time for the inlay. Continue reading “Winding Sticks #3 – Inlay”

Winding Sticks #2 – Rough work



Many moons ago, my wife and I bought the house we live in now, from the estate of my great-aunt. It is a house that I have known all my life, although the old girl probably wouldn’t recognise it now.

Continue reading “Winding Sticks #2 – Rough work”

Winding Sticks #1


Winding sticks consist of two straight edges that can be placed on a plank or board to assess if, or how, it is twisted. Continue reading “Winding Sticks #1”

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