Gentleman’s Valet #2


I’ve never done any inlay work before, but I got a beading tool for Christmas with some blank cutters so I decided to give it a go. I took a thin slice of the sycamore and planed it smooth before cutting it into strips about 1/8″ square. Continue reading “Gentleman’s Valet #2”

Jewelry Box #1: Inlaid dovetails


It has been a long old while since I have posted on this blog. Up until a few weeks ago, I had oodles of time in the workshop because I only worked in the evenings. Shortly after I finished my workbench however, I took on a new job during the day. This has meant that my workshop time has been drastically reduced. I’ve still managed to put in some hours here and there, so I thought I’d fire off a series of posts over the next few days, to show off a project that I have recently completed. Continue reading “Jewelry Box #1: Inlaid dovetails”

Lid inlay – Dovetail box #3

This box began as merely an exercise in practising dovetails. I had no idea of my first efforts at dovetailing¬†would be good enough for this project to be anything other than scrap. Now I’m not saying that my maiden dovetails are 20150320_165512perfect, or even that they are good. All I know is that they are not bad, and so I thought that they would be good enough for something.

Then, it came to me. I have a number of small tools that I use for marking out – ¬†dividers, compasses, square, knife, and my dovetail template among them. This box would be perfect to store them in. It could sit on my bench, keeping dust and moisture off these tools until they are needed. Continue reading “Lid inlay – Dovetail box #3”

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