Gentleman’s Valet #2


I’ve never done any inlay work before, but I got a beading tool for Christmas with some blank cutters so I decided to give it a go. I took a thin slice of the sycamore and planed it smooth before cutting it into strips about 1/8″ square.

Then, I shaped one of the blank cutters and used the beading tools to run grooves in the outside faces of the legs, the front and back faces of the middle stretcher and the front of the drawer.

The inlay is then glued into the grooves and, once dry, planed flush. Simples!


I then moved onto the box top and bottom panels, edge gluing three ½” boards together for each panel. I also glued up the coat hanger, which consists of two mirrored pieces glued together with dowels. The coat hanger will be shaped properly once the joint is dry.

Next up will be the joinery for the box and drawer.


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