The Funeral Chair Part One – Dimensioning and Joinery


A few weeks ago I found myself in need of a project that might take my woodworking to the next level. Up until now I have tackled very simple projects while I find my feet in the world of hand tool woodworking. I didn’t want to run before I could walk, but I wanted something that was a little more complicated than the small dovetailed boxes I have been pottering about with recently. Tom Fidgen’s book An Unplugged Life provided an ideal suggestion in the form of The Funeral Chair. As I mentioned in my last post, I am sure that seasoned woodworkers would find this project to be quite simple, but bear in mind that I am a noob. Continue reading “The Funeral Chair Part One – Dimensioning and Joinery”

Fitting hinges – Dovetail box #4



Once the glue was dry and the lid all finished, it was time to fit the hinges. I began with the lid first, and then moved on to the box. As with hanging doors, it is easier this way round. Continue reading “Fitting hinges – Dovetail box #4”

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