Treasure Chest #2 – The lid


I lost count of the number of YouTube videos I watched whilst preparing to make the curved lid for this box. All of them showed the slats being edge mitred to an angle specific to the size of the box and the number of slats, but a lot of them were then just nailed to semicircular ‘gables’. This is fine for a rustic tool box but because the slats are flat there are gaps between them and gables that would look dreadful on a more refined piece. I decided that I needed to go the extra mile and make flats on the gables for the slats to sit on. Continue reading “Treasure Chest #2 – The lid”

Treasure Chest #1 – Stock prep and joinery


Whilst I was in the middle of the boat project, a friend approached me about commissioned a piece for his daughter’s birthday. The project had to wait a while because the deadline for the boat was looming, and I had a couple of other bits and pieces to finish up for a crafts fair, but as soon as I could I got started and that is what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks (as well as painting the house and cutting all the roadside hedges!) Continue reading “Treasure Chest #1 – Stock prep and joinery”

Boat Bookcase #4: Titivation


On balance I would say that the thing’s been a huge success. As a process, that is, as a process. Whether the product has anything to recommend it is, naturally, for you to say.”

“The Hippopotamus”, Stephen Fry, 1994

Continue reading “Boat Bookcase #4: Titivation”

Boat Bookcase #3: Smartening up



With the main structure of the bookcase assembled it was time to work on some additional features to make it look a bit more ‘boaty’. I decided to use walnut for this, and I began by making a stem to define the bow  I started by chiseling out a ‘v’ shaped stopped dado into a piece of walnut so that the stem could fit onto the bow and hide the screws that hold the sides together. Continue reading “Boat Bookcase #3: Smartening up”

Boat Bookcase #2: Main construction


I haven’t posted for a long time so I thought I’d better remedy that. I have been away on holiday for a couple of weeks (no prize guessing where if you look at my twitter feed), and since I have been back I have been working on the boat bookcase.

Continue reading “Boat Bookcase #2: Main construction”

Boat Bookcase #1: Full steam ahead!

A few weeks ago, I received a commission to build a small bookcase in the shape of a boat. Knowing that this would involve steam bending, which I have never done before, I made no promises, save that I would give it a try. I made a start last week.  Continue reading “Boat Bookcase #1: Full steam ahead!”

Still turning

Hello fellows. I just thought I’d drop a quick line to show you what I’ve been up to this last week or so.

I’m still turning, at the expense of starting my new bench, but I think that just a few more turning projects and the novelty of it will be out of my system. My intention in the future, is to divide my time equally between woodturning and traditional woodworking as far as possible. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

I’ve posted a slideshow below of my latest three projects. first lidded box, 2. my first goblet – both made out of the same piece of yew – and 3. a pestle and mortar. The pestle is made from iroko but I don’t know what the mortar is made from. It started out as a truly gnarly piece of wood that I had been told was apple. However, it soon became apparent that it was not.

Anyway, let me know what you think of these ‘objets’ in the comments, and I’ll catch you all later.

Take it easy.



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20160208_135345It has been pretty blustery around these parts of late. It has died down a bit now, but last week a small tree blew down during the night, blocking the little lane that runs alongside my house. At the time, my chainsaw was broken, so there was nothing much I could do about the situation. I called the authorities to let them know, and later that day the lady who owns hedgerow, from which the tree was growing, arrived, accompanied by a chap with a chainsaw. Continue reading “Windfall”

It was all going so well…

20160123_161527So, I am still playing around with my lathe, as predicted. A week or so ago I began turning various pieces of fruit: an apple and a pear made from cherry, a couple of plums made from walnut, and a banana made from canary. I gave up on the banana half way through as it looks like it would have involved some crazy chuck mounting shenanigans that are still a tad beyond me, but I may get back to it one of these days. The stalks are turned from small pieces of ebony and, for authenticity’s sake, I stuck a clove in their bottoms to make it look like the remnants of a blossom. Continue reading “It was all going so well…”

To everything there is a season…

20151207_153608As predicted by a comment from George on my last post but one, I have been neglecting regular woodworking of late in favour of my new toy. Continue reading “To everything there is a season…”

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