Treasure Chest #2 – The lid


I lost count of the number of YouTube videos I watched whilst preparing to make the curved lid for this box. All of them showed the slats being edge mitred to an angle specific to the size of the box and the number of slats, but a lot of them were then just nailed to semicircular ‘gables’. This is fine for a rustic tool box but because the slats are flat there are gaps between them and gables that would look dreadful on a more refined piece. I decided that I needed to go the extra mile and make flats on the gables for the slats to sit on.

After much deliberation and a great deal of tweaking on CAD I decided that I’d buggered about for long enough, and that I was just putting off the inevitable. I had to bite the bullet and get on with it. I got CAD to print me off some 1:1 templates that I could cut out and stick to the ‘gables’. Then began the delicate process of sawing and chiseling until I’d established the flats on both sides.

I then used double-sided sticky tape to temporarily attach the gables to the box, and then began the long process of mitring each slat along both edges until they met each other with no gaps. Each slat was dowelled in place to both gables, as well as glued along the edges.

When the glue was fully cured, the dowels were cut flush and the whole lid was then planed into a smooth curve.


A few strokes of the plane, and box and lid were mating well so I decided to fit the hinges.

The next stage was to stain the box, to give it a more antique look (sorry, no photos), and then to make and fit the base, but that will be in part three. See you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Treasure Chest #2 – The lid

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  1. Sweet. Something you might consider is to use some metal strapping to give the chest a more classic look. Are those the only drawings you made of it?


      1. Looking forward to it. I’ve subscribed to follow and placed a link on my drafting course site. Probably going to use your chest as an example drawing once I’ve figured out your dimensions if that’s ok.


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