Sawyer’s Bench #6

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This is my last post on the Sawyer’s Bench because, barring further coats of finish, the project is complete.

I wasn’t sure what finish to use on this project. Tom Fidgen didn’t put a finish on his apparently, but I asked him for advice and he said that he would use a boiled linseed oil and wax mixture.

Luckily, I had a few blocks of 1oz. beeswax and some linseed oil so, when I was ready to finish, I set about making my own concoction. I went for an 8:1 mix of oil and wax, mixing them by heating them in an old wok over a pan of boiling water on an electric hob. A gas hob is not advisable as boiled linseed oil is flammable. Continue reading “Sawyer’s Bench #6”

Sawyer’s Bench #5

20150507_132111Well, its time for the final glue up. I have decided to use glue and dowels to fix the aprons to the leg assemblies, which will be a two stage operation.

First I glues the aprons to the assemblies and clamped them good and tight, removing as much excess glue as possible with a damp cloth. I did this first thing yesterday, before the school run, and left it to go off for a few hours.

Continue reading “Sawyer’s Bench #5”

Sawyer’s Bench #3


I got to work on the bird’s mouth for the top boards of the bench this weekend. They were quite difficult cuts to do in my little vice. I really could do with some kind of saw horse to do these kinds of cuts on. Maybe one with a removable fence and a bird’s mou…

…oh, yeah, right.

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Sawyer’s Bench #2


I completed the joinery on my Sawyer’s Bench today, by tackling the half-laps that join the legs to the top boards. Continue reading “Sawyer’s Bench #2”

Sawyer’s Bench #1


I started work on my Sawyer’s Bench this week. Last time I posted about this, all I had done was to rough cut the components from my stock of cherry (1″ by 6″ and 1½” by 2¾”). Well, now I have worked all of the components to their final dimensions  as much as I can at this stage. There will be some final adjustments to make to the aprons and cleats once the subassemblies are complete. Continue reading “Sawyer’s Bench #1”

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