Once my eyesight had returned back to normal I was itching to get back to business. I had taken delivery of some pressure treated feather-edged board that my local timber mill had made for me, and I soon got to work cladding the shed.

11_CladdingIt went up surprisingly easily and pretty soon I was ready to treat it with some¬†decking oil to preserve the golden color against the elements.I had toyed with the idea of a hardy water based treatment which would have been cheaper and arguably would have lasted longer, but I went for the more expensive option because I found that the water based treatment obscured the wood grain a little too much. I prefer the way that the oil makes the grain ‘pop’.



I had some laminated glass made up for the windows and I installed them with glazing sealant and wooden beads. Then I installed the double side doors and the exterior was done…

…well, almost done. I’ve still got to fit some guttering.


Shortly after I’d finished, Guernsey was subjected to the worst rain storm I’ve ever experienced. Nothing like the flooding that hit mainland UK last year, but pretty bad by Guernsey standards. I was worried about my roof leaking, but happily that didn’t happen. I couldn’t have asked for a better test, and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t leaked yet. And we’ve had a pretty moist winter around these parts.

With my new shed finished, it was time to put it to good use. Time to make some shavings.


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