Sharpening #2



In my last post, I linked to a Paul Sellers video about recutting saw teeth. Near the end of the video he can be seen using a set of saw chocks, to clamp the saw plate at an easier height for working.






I decided that I would like to make a set of saw chocks for myself. I found this post on Paul’s blog, which gave the dimensions of his chocks, so I adapted the design a little and set to work.



I decided to use oak for this project. Amongst the offcuts from the timber mill that I’m still working my way through, was a nice length of oak at just the right thickness – no resawing necessary this time.





I once again used by ¾” tap and die for the tightening screw and brass rod for the tommy bar and hinge.


I particularly wanted some brass sheet to make a wear plate. Eventually I found a local marine engineering firm that had an offcut.





The chocks, like most of my projects so far, are finished with 3 or 4 coats of Danish Oil applied with a lint free cloth, followed by 1 or 2 coats of beeswax applied with ‘0000’ steel wool.







Now I can sharpen my saws without getting a backache. See this video from Paul Sellers for a good saw sharpening demonstration.


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