Tool Tote #3: The big finish


The glue up for this project was a long drawn out process. I had to break out all my clamps, even the homemade ones. The first glue up was the main tool box and the tray.


Once the glue was dry, I planed the dovetails flush and moved on to the next stage.

The handle and base were glued in place together, and then the tray runners on the main box.

Then I installed the handle components, gluing and temporarily screwing the supports in place and gluing and wedging the handle.

When the glue was dry, the screws were replaced with dowels, which were cut and planed flush. I also applied my mark to the bases of the box and the tray.

Finally, I glued and doweled the base to the main box, again cutting the dowels flush once they were dry.

20161208_220432I decided upon my oil/turps/varnish finish for this piece. It is a tad more hard-wearing than shellac, and a toolbox is likely to get scuffed and dinged with use. I did not apply any wax either, for the same reason. An oil based finish can be reapplied when the box is looking a bit tired, without the need to remove the wax first. Three coats of finish, 24 hours between each, and I was ready to add one final little touch.

In order to tart up the handle a bit, I thought it would be nice to add a leather grip. Using hemp string, I simply made a few holes in the leather and stitched it on in a crisscross pattern.

Another project completed.

All boxed up and ready for delivery in time for Christmas.


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