Groundworks and slab

It took me quite a while to mark out exactly where I wanted my new shed to be. Eventually I decided on about a metre away from the house and, as per plan, the dimensions of the shed just under 4 metres by just over 5 metres (12′ x 17′). That gives me a floor area of 20m² (200ft²). I would have like to have more, but alas, I am no only restricted by the authorities in this case – the old shed was in the way, and I didn’t want to knock it down without the new one being built.

01_Marking_out    02_Digging_out

A little bit of digging and I was ready for the aggregate subbase. With that poured and compacted, it was on to the shuttering. Again this took me some time to set up. I was as careful as I could be about getting my levels right.

02b_Aggregate    03_Shuttering

I made the edges of the slab thicker that the middle by leaving out the aggregate around the edge. This means that my slab is roughly 6″ in the middle and about 9″ around the edge.

Next came the vapour barrier. I fold over the edges ao that the when it came time to pour the concrete, I could fill in the edges first, then fold over the plastic for the main pour.

04_Vapour_barrier     05_Slab

Nine tonnes later, and I’ve got myself a solid base for my shed. That needs to dry for a week or so, then it’s building time!

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