Porkish chop

This Christmas just gone, my nipper was given some nice new tools in a tote. I’ve set aside a place for them on a shelf under the bench, and from time to time he joins me in the shed to work on a project. dsc00131Some times it’s a school project, but other times it is just for fun.


Here is a simple box he made, under supervision, earlier this year. I dimensioned the timber for him, but he had a hand in everything else.




The box is made predominantly from walnut. Actually, this walnut was the result of my first resawing experience. It was resawn from a wider piece, by hand, using a panel saw. It took a lot of planing to true it up afterwards – too much waste. It was after this experience I decided to make the Kerfing Plane and Frame Saw.



The box is simply made, using glued and pinned butt joints, small brass hinges and finished with shellac.


Check out his website for more pictures.




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