Jewelry Box #3: Finishing touches


To finish things up with the jewelry box, I fitted the hinges and put my maker’s mark on the base so that I could apply the finish to the outside of the box. Continue reading “Jewelry Box #3: Finishing touches”

Jewelry Box #2: Tarting up


An empty box is as boring as batsh*t, so the next stage of this project was to make and install some dividers to break up the inside of the box. This meant planing down some thin maple panels, cutting notches in them so that they lock together in a criss-cross formation, and then cutting some housing dados in the side of the box. Continue reading “Jewelry Box #2: Tarting up”

Workbench #5: Goatboy’s kitchen


This is a bit of a sidetrack from the Workbench Project but fret not; it will bring us back on topic before this post is done. Continue reading “Workbench #5: Goatboy’s kitchen”

Yet another box


Last year, for dad’s day, my kids very kindly got me a set of Narex bench chisels. Now, I know that they are not high-end chisels, and many a woodworker would probably scoff at them because they aren’t Lie-Nielson or Ashley Isles and didn’t cost the equivalent of the GNP of Ecuador, but for my needs they are perfect. They fit my hands well, they are nicely balanced and they hold an edge well. Also, as a bonus, they came in a nice little box which protects them from surface rust. Continue reading “Yet another box”

Another Dovetail Box


When I built my Sawyer’s Bench recently, I got hold of some Miller Dowels. These are special stepped dowels with annular grooves to help displace excess glue. Because they are stepped, there is less friction when pushing them home, but once they are pushed in tight there is plenty of friction for a strong joint. Continue reading “Another Dovetail Box”

Two-piece Box


Up until now my cabinet scrapers have been sitting in the plastic packet that they were bought in, which is far from ideal. I decided that they needed live in a small wooden box in my tool cabinet. Continue reading “Two-piece Box”

Winding Sticks #4 – Done


Three coats of shellac, sanded with 320-grit in between, followed by a coat of beeswax, and the winding sticks are done. Continue reading “Winding Sticks #4 – Done”

Final finish – Dovetail box #5

20150324_155434     20150324_155423

Well here it is, the finished article.

Continue reading “Final finish – Dovetail box #5”

Porkish chop

This Christmas just gone, my nipper was given some nice new tools in a tote. I’ve set aside a place for them on a shelf under the bench, and from time to time he joins me in the shed to work on a project. dsc00131Some times it’s a school project, but other times it is just for fun.


Here is a simple box he made, under supervision, earlier this year. I dimensioned the timber for him, but he had a hand in everything else. Continue reading “Porkish chop”

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