Up to date – Dovetail box #1

Well, we are up to date. The joiners mallet is my most recent completed project. From now on I’ll be posting on projects as they are progressing, so posting might slow down a bit.

The project that I am working on at the moment is a small storage box which features my first hand cut dovetails. In fact they are my first dovetails of any kind.

20150314_211259     DSC00286

The box is made from maple and walnut, and as you can see all the joints are done. I am fairly pleased with them, although there is definite room for improvement.

DSC00287This project gave me a chance to use my dovetail marking template, made from a design by, you’ve guessed it, Paul Sellers. Here is a video demonstrating how to make one. I still need to finish mine, perhaps with linseed oil.

The next stage of the box project is to dimension the base and the lid. I’ve got something special in mind for the lid, but that will be for another post.

In future, I would like to do a series of posts, documenting a project from start to finish. I have not been very good at remembering to take photos at each stage of my previous projects, but I will try to be more vigilant in future.

For now, we join this project part way through. Time to work on that lid.

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