Future projects – you decide

20141223_140943I’ve already mentioned, in previous posts, my wish to build a traditional woodworking bench. That, as I have said, will have to wait because my workshop is not really set up for one yet. Another future project that I’ve talked about is a bow saw – a larger companion for the turning saw – but that too will have to wait until I can source the hardware.  I’ve also hinted at another mallet or too, just because I enjoy making them.

Other projects, that I haven’t mentioned, include the Tom Fidgen sawyers bench from his book The Unplugged Woodshop. I’d also like to make a proper shooting board and bench hook, and perhaps another project involving dovetails.

However, there are three smaller projects that I have in mind for the near future, and I thought that I should ask you (if there is anybody apart from family members reading this) to decide which to start first.

The projects are:

  • a small wooden centre gauge – a tool for finding and marking the centre line of narrow stock
  • a pair of wooden winding sticks – for checking for twist on flat boards
  • restoration of a #5 hand plane – an eBay purchase which needs some attention before it can be pressed into service.

I’ll begin this next project as soon as the dovetail box is finished, and I’ll try to be more diligent about photographing each stage, as well as providing a more detailed explanation of what I am doing and why I am doing it.

Please use the comment section to vote for which project you would like to see, and on Friday I’ll count up the hundreds of votes and announce the winner. If, in the unlikely event, nobody votes, I’ll make a decision myself.

Dovetail Box #2 coming soon…



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