Happy New Year


Late last year, I posted about a leather working box I was quite pleased with, and remarked that “I must try to post more often in future. I feel a New Year’s Resolution coming on…”

Well, that worked out well, didn’t it?


I guess my absense is in no small part due to the fact that I’ve been kicking the ass out of woodturning recently. I’ve missed my joinery though, so I thought I’d get back into the swing of these with a nice little project I’ve had a the back of my mind for a while. (Of course, there is a little joinery involved too).

The design is nice and simple, and upholstered footstool, consisting of twelve componants – 4 turned legs and 8 stretchers.

As always, we begin with stock preparation. I decided to go with walnut. The legs have already been turned by this stage, but I forgot to take any photos of that. Sorry.


Next comes the joinery – simple mortise and tenon.


Glue and finish. The finish is my oil/varnish/turps blend. Three coats, at least 12 hours apart.


Then the uphostery begins. Using my shop built webbing stretcher, I stapled on the webbing in a crisscross pattern, and then covered it in hessian. I was able to shape some foam into a rough shape using an electric carving knife.


I added some padding (not shown) and then measured up for the fabric. I needed to break out the sewing machine to sew up the corners of the fabric, and then I stapled it in place. I’ve got access to a button making contraption, so I was able to make 6 buttons in matching fabric.

I finished off the corners with brass effect upholstery pins and then stapled on some base cloth.


Finally, I added my makers mark, and the project was done.

I had intended selling it, but Goatgirl wants to keep it!




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  1. Great job on this upholstered footstool. Kudos. I assume the legs were turned on a power lathe. Where else do you typically plug in? I used a spring-pole lathe to turn the legs on a recent build of a William & Mary desk on frame.


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