Thinking ahead


When I demolished my old shed, I pretty much got rid of everything of the structure, apart from one thing. I saved a large beam, 3″ by 9″ by 15′. I cut it up into three sections and they are stored in my new shed. One of these fine days I intend planing them up, jointing them and laminating them to form the top of a Roubo style workbench.




I need to clear a space in the shed for that though, and that will take some time. There are currently three bicycles right where I want the bench to be, and they will need to be relocated to an as yet unconstructed lean-to before I can even think about starting a bench project.





Nevertheless, thinking ahead, I will need some decent sized clamps for the lamination. Clamps are quite expensive, and so I had a look for some homemade alternatives. I found this video, and set to work.





I began by making a prototype from an iroko offcut, resawn with the kerfing plane and frame saw. The bar is a steel pipe from the hardware store and the rest of the hardware was found around the shed. The handle is some ¾” pine dowel, taped up for extra grip, with some 12mm stud epoxied into it which is in turn tapped directly into the wood jaw. It is amazing how strong the threads are, as you will see if you watch the video.




The wooden components are treated with a couple of coats of boiled linseed oil – no wax this time – and I was so pleased with the result that I made five more.


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  1. This project is on my todo list, i have gathered all the parts, just waiting on time to do the work. Though i need to find a 15/16 drill bit cause my steel pipe’s od is 15/16. Maybe i can get away with a 7/8 and waller it out. We shall see. In middle of a house remodel so it is on back burner.


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